Login's Diabetic Diary: For Children With Diabetes

Login's, a children's diabetic diary has been designed to provide an excellent tool to motivate children to actively participate in their diabetes care and encourages communication with their parents about their diabetes and their feelings.

When used correctly and on a daily basis, you and your child will see what affects their blood glucose (sugar) readings, the importance of exercising, eating properly and sticking to a regular bed time.

5 Reasons to use Logins Diabetic Diary

The importance of documenting your child's daily activities cannot be stressed enough.  Diabetes is a silent disease and must be monitored as closely as possible to avoid health complications.

Login's is designed as a tool for recording information and is not designed to replace medical care.  With a child friendly format, Login's is designed for you, your child and their diabetes team to work together to help manage their life with diabetes.

So, with the help of your child's doctor, the guidance of a registered dietitian and the knowledge of their diabetes educator - along with your encouragement and support, Login's can assist in helping your child feel great!


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